We Watch From The Margins, 2021
Dried red chillies, steel wire
Approx. 20 feet

Dried red chillies, a staple in kitchens and homes across the Global South, meet the rigidity of the steel wire, commonly used as a material for construction, property protection and building foundations. While the chillies are transformed into a form resembling barbed wire or a snaking creature, the steel wire penetrates through each chili to form this structure. Through a clash of domesticity and construction, one seen as ‘soft’ and the other as ‘hard’, a domestic object elicits a sense of danger and separation. The ephemeral nature of the dried chillies, although dried for longevity, deteriorates over time. Taking away with it, its smell and form, it will leave behind only a skeleton of steel wire.

chilli sculpture, new york
new york artist
sculpture new york, conceptual artist